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Trust Vs Expectations

    Trust vs. Expectations My behaviour was not to the mark when I observe myself; I was shouting on someone. There was a sense of irritation and unrest inside. I was telling him that he had broken my trust… Continue Reading →

Success is your benchmark and not the world’s

  Success has a different connotation for all. It isn’t tangible , we can’t touch, see, or hear it but we all want and crave for it. What’s so alluring about it. Its more of the outward glow of money, fame, recognition, awards,… Continue Reading →


Lifeless ! Object of ignorance , A lie to self and A truth undone! Not a journey of few inch , Not the linen decides the dream, Needs need to be there Being alive ; being beggar. No wonder, my… Continue Reading →


  Success Success is the achievement that you have been trying to do . the people think having a lot of money being healthy get job is success . This success come from doing practices in life. We face many… Continue Reading →

Epilogue of What success means to me-Rajababu

Epilogue to the topic of Success: Success sounds good. It tastes good and feels good. As the cliche goes, behind every successful man, there is a woman (and as Whats App geeks would testify, if the Man is not successful,… Continue Reading →

Poem titled: Come on, let’s write.

    This poem is dedicated to each and every Great Sparking Authors. A poem to inspire, motivate and guide. A poem which will make you take pen and paper, and write.       Let’s write to begin. Come… Continue Reading →

Pains are Blessings !!!

  Hello Manav! How are you? I am good, but who are you? I observe you in deep grief; unable to cry even; just screaming and screaming silently. ‘What do you want? Who are you?’ Manav just raised his eyes… Continue Reading →

Who is a divine Soulmate?

Divine soulmate is a person… Whose frequency of thoughts matches with yours Whose vision of life is similar to yours Who loves you the way the way you are Who accepts you wholeheartedly for the person you are Who values… Continue Reading →

Contexts of Success

Contexts of Success Our search for meaning changes the meaning of success to us.  One outstanding example is Viktor Frankl, a psychologist who experienced the brutal Nazi concentration camp as an inmate and came out as an inspiration to millions… Continue Reading →

Poverty Exists

In the simplest term, poverty may be defined as a social condition where individuals do not have financial means to meet the most basic standards of life that is acceptable by the society. Individuals experiencing poverty do not have the… Continue Reading →

Be the Sun, not the Sunflower!

  It’s often easy to rue the fact that no one comes forward to help us in times of need, to support us when we’re shaky, and to uplift us when we fall down. It only seems natural to ask… Continue Reading →

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