Our conduct is the reflection of who we are.  The way we behave says a lot about our grooming.  If we keep our mind free of vices; it means we possess good character.  A well balanced person sends positive vibes. If you are motivated to practice these ten values, you are true to get success and happiness.

1. Honesty

We come across dishonest, corrupt people who are not true to themselves.  This happen basically because of poor upbringing.  You know that dishonesty does not pay in the long run.  Deep down in the hearts, we are aware that truth always triumphs.

Satya Harishchandra of  krutha yuga is the personification of honesty and truthfulness, who, upheld truth and justice under all trials.

2. Unconditional love

Who doesn’t want to be loved? It is normal to crave for unconditional love and affection that will bring extreme happiness and social adaptability.  The children who receive unconditional love, in turn love the society and carry positive thoughts.

  Mother Theresa’s unconditional love for fellow beings is a classic example.

3. Hard work

Hard work not only leads to zenith of success but also keeps you constructively engaged..  The extra effort and pain taken to accomplish the task will be rewarding.

 Alger, a committed American writer wrote 120 books for young working class males.  It could not have been possible without hard work and commitment.

4. Respect for others

The revered feelings that you carry for others begets respect and makes you a harmonious person who can get along well with others.

5. Co-operation

Extending a helping hand to your friends, colleagues and relatives will strengthen relationships.

 Krishna’s insurmountable support brought victory to pandavas.

6. Compassion

Tara, goddess of ‘universal compassion’, saved human beings from suffering.  Her compassion, more powerful than a mother’s love for children demonstrate her divinity of love.

The hearts spilling out compassion embraces humanity. The people with compassion never stress out or get depressed.  These happy souls without selfish motives are born to sacrifice.

7. Forgiveness

One of the most important element of virtue is to forgive with love and compassion without holding grievances and hurt feelings in the heart.


Ekalavya, a man of integrity, practiced archery in front of Dronachaya’s idol and offered his right thumb as gurudakshina to his guru Drona.

You meet several principled people in life who do the right thing when no body is watching.

9. Sincerity

It’s nice to watch a sincere and frank person with happy countenance and truthful disposition and no pretense.  He attracts a large circle of friends.

10. Dedication

 A dedicated person, who never gives up, doesn’t mind working extra hours to accomplish the task.

 A dedicated teacher will ensure all round development of children.

Embrace these values for deeper happiness and phenomenal success

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