Diverse thoughts and feelings come into your mind every now and then.  They may be sweet and pleasant that keep you calm and composed or they may be negative and unfavorable that perturb you. Pleasant thoughts are welcomed but how to deal with negative thoughts, problems and questions that often haunt you? The only answer is to

‘Look within’, ‘Awaken your self’
‘Self introspection’ offers optimal solutions to all the questions that puzzle you.  “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” said the great philosopher Aristotle.  Here are ten gains of soul searching.  Go about it and gain happiness.
1.  You may lie the whole world but can you lie to yourself? said a great thinker. You may know some aspects of yourself but definitely not completely.  To know more about yourself and about what mettle you are made of, ‘Self introspection’ is a must.
2. ‘Self Introspection’ gives you an understanding of your capabilities and competencies, strengths and weaknesses. En-cash on your strengths and improve your weaknesses.
3.  Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle” said Lewis Caroll  What am I here for? What is my purpose?  When such questions haunt you,  ‘Look Within’.  You derive answers and understand more about your life and purpose of existence.
4.’Self Introspection’ gives you an insight about the practicality of realizing your dreams, visions and expectations.  This is the best journey that one can undertake. “The only journey is one within”said Rainer Marin Rilke.  ‘Self introspection’ broadens your horizons.
5.  Somebody said, failures are stepping stones of success.  Everyone of us fail somewhere in life.  ‘Self Introspection’ helps us to handle failures, enabling us to walk towards progress.
6.  You need to change your negative emotions into positive ones.  ‘Self Introspection’ drives your energy to transform into a positive person.
7.  Are you in confrontation?  Quarrel, misunderstanding and break down of communication bogs you down.  Searching reasons outside does not help you.  ‘Go Within’.
8.  Is there anyone who does not have problems?  Sometimes you feel there is no way to come out of problems.  But believe me ‘Introspection’ helps.  When you ‘Look within’,you analyze the causes of the problem and logically arrive at an optimal solution.
9.  Your own emotions and attitudes obstruct clear thinking. ‘Self Introspection’ helps you to change attitudes and control emotions
10. ‘Self Introspection’ is the only option for self evolution. If you want to become a better person, ‘Look Within’.
Here are some tips that help you in self introspection:
  • Write down your strengths and weaknesses like:

           a) I can think logically
           b) I have a strong will power
           c) I get easily hurt
          d) I have no control on emotions
          e) I’m short tempered etc.,
  • Write down your fears
  • Write about your vision, dreams and expectations
  • write what makes you happy
  • Think. how can you handle problems
You are the best judge of yourself.  Know yourself and be the best.
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