10 Social Responsibilities of a dynamic citizen

10 Social Responsibilities of a dynamic citizen


It is very important to be responsible citizens of this country.  As we live in a community, it is our prime duty to show concern for community and protect both artificial and natural resources. The prime duty is self preservation. Here are 10 responsibilities that you should carry out being good citizens:

     1. Observe the written laws strictly.

     2. Prepare your children for life before preparing them for a career.

     3. Make all efforts to gain respect and esteem from fellow citizens.

     4. Have a sense of belonging towards the society.  Safeguard public property.

     5. Harness energy and creativity of all citizens.

     6. Help the society to be healthier, cleaner and make it a better place to live in.

     7. Instill moral values in your children.

     8. Be a citizen of humanity first. Show love and compassion to the fellow beings.

     9. We are the one making this community. Spread spiritual and moral values by being a living example.

    10. Be at peace and maintain peace in the community.  Don’t invoke fights.

“Our goal is to create a world where citizens, communities, corporations and nation work together in a responsible way……This sustainable life begins when we make our lives more sustainable.”
                                                                                                         Robert Alan Silverstein


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