Why are our children not developing to their full potential? Are qualified teachers giving quality education?  Is there any way that we can improve our educational system?   These questions that puzzled my mind for a long time, forced me to write this blog today.  I personally feel that teachers and parents are responsible for such a drastic situation.  Bringing our thoughts together about how to inspire children to contribute better and how to improve their skill, competencies and capabilities may help children to develop a harmonious personalities.  Today’s education is mostly transmission of knowledge and less of transformational education.  I strongly feel that we can make our children better personalities by creating a learning environment in both schools and at home that helps to transform them into better individuals.  “Education is a team endeavor”, said teacher Carolyn wake field.  Therefore let us put in some effort to make learning process happen in a better way.

    Here are ten ways that can enhance learning in children.

1. Learning through activities:  There is a meaning to learning only when children participate.  Boring long lectures will put their mind off.  Instead creating activities for the children where they take part help them to face the challenges of the society better.  Discussions at class and at home help them to perceive better.  Group discussions among friends also help them to think in a different way.  They organize their thoughts before speaking and this activity also improves their self confidence.

     Activities like public speaking, yoga, self defense, meditation, quiz, debate declamation, symposium, essay writing, poster competition on topics relating to environment, Constitution of India, History of India and world, current affairs, religion, festivals and celebration of national days etc., can be included.

2. Learning through reflection:  Encourage children to apply what they have learned to various situations.  The teachers should act as facilitators.  They have to link the learner and learning.  Children gain learning experience and meaning by actually being a producer.  Ask them to reflect their experiences either orally or by writing.

3. Instill Critical Thinking:  Listen to the child and gauge how she thinks about various things in life.  Nurture critical thinking in children by exposing them to situations like:

  •  comparison of two story plots 
  •  comparison between two animals 
  •  Innovating a new game
  •  Analyzing a book
  • Encouraging children to ask questions
  • Not curbing their curiosity about things
  • Encouraging group discussions
  • Helping children to generate ideas
  • Discussing social issues
  • Comparing two stores from where to buy grocery
  • Explaining how you solve the problems.
  • Allowing them to maintain the finance of home   

These kind of questioning and reasoning will lead them towards success.

4. Emotional bonding:  An emotional bonding between parents/teachers and the child will provide a positive climate for learning.  The children feel secure and supported.  Emotional bonding helps in solving discipline and behavioral problems.  Listen to your children what they say. Support them.  The bonding also increases social adaptation of children.  They become more attentive and co-operative.

5.  Physical activity for learning and growth:  Research has shown that good physical activity enhances memory and executive functions.  They can perform better in the academics, gain health benefits, become social adaptable, develop good sportsmanship and team spirit. Right attitude and support of parents and teachers are important.

6.  Identification of special aptitude, interests and talents:  Identify the talents, interest and aptitudes in various disciplines like academics, art, vocational etc. Groom the talents. Impart skills and encourage their interests.  The special aptitude may be in mathematics, languages, science, art, music, dance, drama, digital art, agriculture teaching, leadership, computer technology, electronics, painting,etc.,.  Honing up in these skills encourages creative thinking in children.

7. Internet and education:  Internet is an important tool in education.  Give them internet access.  They learn better.  All their curiosities of life and their doubts can be clarified through search engines.

8. Education through reading– Inculcating reading habits in them help them to improve their composition, knowledge and vision,   Encourage them to read biographies, stories of courage, loyalty and character.  Encourage also to use dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia etc.,

9. Moral values:  The most important part of their personality is to develop good character.  Character building can be done by instilling moral values in them.  Becoming a good human being with moral values is vital for this society. Truthfulness, unconditional love and kindness, hard work, respect for others, co-operation, compassion, forgiveness are few values that can be imparted in them through personal examples, biographies and stories.

10. Understanding child psychology: Our behavior with the child is important.  Show unconditional love towards them.  Praise and encourage, teach good habits, allow child to succeed and fail, teach the importance of discipline and integrity.  Never condemn or criticize them, never compare them with others.  each child is unique.

I again emphasize that we as parents and teachers are responsible to prepare them for life’s challenges.This is not an exhaustive list.  There are much more to be added.  I’m sure that you will reflect on this and share your thoughts.  Let us help our children to become useful citizens of our society.

Share your thoughts, Your ideas are valuable.

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