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August 2011

poetry as I understand

“Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion; it is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality. But, of course, only those who have personality and emotion know what it means to… Continue Reading →

My small thoughts of the morning

To my understanding Life is one of the most precious gifts of God. He has given this, in order to make our living purposeful on this earth. The talents, enthusiasm, vigor, a will to do, goodness in the heart, love,… Continue Reading →

Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss The ‘noise induced’ hearing loss is a permanent loss as the inner parts of the ear are damaged. The hair cells of the inner ear gets damaged either due to listening to continuous noise over long periods of… Continue Reading →

Six good reasons why plum wine should not be consumed

Plum wine is often offered as a dessert wine in the Asian countries like China, Japan and Korea. The sweetness of the wine gives an exotic feeling but is not advisable at it is detrimental to health. The wine is… Continue Reading →

Eating Organic

The different kinds of atrocious diseases prevailing in the world, increase of stress and work tensions, and a kind of competitive environment that people have to face today, has made man to contemplate on the root cause of these problems…. Continue Reading →

Benefits of Carrot -Good for Skin, Healthy for Eyes

Carrots can be considered as the most valuable vegetable as it is the taproot and stores food. They are mostly orange in color because of the beta carotene and is a main source of vitamin “A”. It is also called… Continue Reading →

AN INCIDENT OF VALUE(In Dr. MK Sridhar’s life)

It was a bright day and purely energetic sounds filled the air of the Vijaya college hall. The batch of 1989 students had gathered for a reunion after a long gap of 21 years. The students were all married… Continue Reading →

Body Building Supplements – Nutrients for Muscle Gain and Fat Loss

Intro-There are several body building supplements available in the market but one has to find out the right supplement that helps in muscle gain and fat loss. This article will certainly help you to choose the correct body supplement which… Continue Reading →

Crochet Edging-Create Cute and Beautiful Fabric Borders

Create Cute and Beautiful Fabric Borders Add fabulous crochet edgings to the fabrics and make it the most beautiful. Anything that you want to crochet including frills and trims of pillow covers to baby towels can be done easily with… Continue Reading →

Top Ten features of a Corporate Diary

Diaries, Planners and Organizers are an important possession of top profile individuals. They are all time companions that help in jotting down every day events, schedules, future plans and telephone numbers. CEO’s professionals, AD Agency heads, Army Officers, Doctors and… Continue Reading →

Beneficial Grains

Being in a place of sensuous beaches, each unique in its own way, I’m inspired to write on sand. These grains have attracted and inspired many poets.  Edgar Allen Poe has written a beautiful poem “A dream within a dream”,… Continue Reading →

Amazing Goa

I’m enjoying every bit of my life in Goa as I feel stronger in a place where it’s less crowded and less chaotic. People are not hurried and available to talk. I’m also finding a quieter peace inside and outside… Continue Reading →

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