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poetry as I understand

“Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion; it is not the expression of personality but an escape from personality. But, of course, only those who have personality and emotion know what it means to want to escape from these” – T.S. Eliot Poetry as I have understood Poets usually

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Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss The ‘noise induced’ hearing loss is a permanent loss as the inner parts of the ear are damaged. The hair cells of the inner ear gets damaged either due to listening to continuous noise over long periods of time or due to the ‘acoustic trauma’, caused due to a sudden one time explosion.

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Eating Organic

The different kinds of atrocious diseases prevailing in the world, increase of stress and work tensions, and a kind of competitive environment that people have to face today, has made man to contemplate on the root cause of these problems. He has realized that eating healthy, solves most of these problems and he can lead

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Top Ten features of a Corporate Diary

Diaries, Planners and Organizers are an important possession of top profile individuals. They are all time companions that help in jotting down every day events, schedules, future plans and telephone numbers. CEO’s professionals, AD Agency heads, Army Officers, Doctors and Managers- look for the following features while selecting diaries, planners and organizers: Diaries with leather

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Beneficial Grains

Being in a place of sensuous beaches, each unique in its own way, I’m inspired to write on sand. These grains have attracted and inspired many poets.  Edgar Allen Poe has written a beautiful poem “A dream within a dream”, where he speaks of sand. Grains of the Golden Sand How few! Yet how they

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Amazing Goa

I’m enjoying every bit of my life in Goa as I feel stronger in a place where it’s less crowded and less chaotic. People are not hurried and available to talk. I’m also finding a quieter peace inside and outside me. I’m noticing the subtle beauty of the nature in the water bodies and in

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God’s Gift

Early morning when I sat up to write, I could feel the cool breeze surrounding me. It was from a window that was left open last night. The breeze rushed through, touched me and spread evenly in the small room. There was something wonderful in the breeze. It was very fresh and nice. It had

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Edward Hirsch writes, “We activate the poem inside us by engaging it as deeply as possible, by bringing our lives to it, our associational memories, our past histories, our vocabularies, by letting its verbal music infiltrate our bodies, its ideas seep into our minds, by discovering its pattern emerging, by entering the echo chamber which

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Lead to Light

I walked and walked alone on the shore,with swollen thoughts that reached the core,They were thoughts that gave me unsaid pain,traveled with me for years not in gain,Firstly it was the thought of corruption,unceasing, unending, mind blocking eruption,don’t know how and where it originated.I crumpled the thought beneath my feet,to crush it, kill it, mitigate

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Capture the colors

This world is full of colors,Each with its own odor,They are also vibrant,And sometimes violent,They fight against one another,ready to destroy the other,But every color has the worth,and the power,to live together,To live in the spectrumwith all glee and joyCapture the colorsExhibit the beauty of harmony


SPARK is a simple concept that takes your imagination high.Team up with SPARK and write creatively to SPAARRK.We want to see what SPARKS are there in your mind.Express yourself boldly and engage us creatively.SPARK others with your ideas.Here are  5 prompts that may SPARK you.1. Capture the Colors2. Lead to Light3. Wings of Flight4. Heart

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