I’m enjoying every bit of my life in Goa as I feel stronger in a place where it’s less crowded and less chaotic. People are not hurried and available to talk. I’m also finding a quieter peace inside and outside me. I’m noticing the subtle beauty of the nature in the water bodies and in the endless beaches that are exotic and  pleasant. I’m also seeing the man’s creative talent in the monumental churches. I’m getting delighted to see the co-existence of various religions. There is an amazing mix of people, culture and language.

My evenings are the most precious as I enjoy the rains. The rains here are continuous and the atmosphere always appears fresh and beautiful. My energies get boosted when I see a pure environment surrounding me. I purposely go out in the rains on my scooter to Panjim to get drenched. It’s great. I’m bursting with joy.