It was a bright day and purely energetic sounds filled the air of the Vijaya college hall. The batch of 1989 students had gathered for a reunion after a long gap of 21 years. The students were all married and they brought their spouses and children for the get-together. They had invited the lecturers who were presently working in the college and had taken pains to locate the addresses of the retired lecturers also. They had made the arrangements of the transport to and fro for the lecturers. The 45 odd excited students had gathered to relive the old memories of the college days and renew their friendship and relationships with their teachers. The students visited their class rooms and the nostalgic feelings were shared with each other. A slide show of the yester year photographs was shown to the gathering. The gleeful students enjoyed every moment of the reunion.
Amidst all these, I noticed the students were seeking blessings by touching the feet of their teachers. When the children were introduced to the teachers, they too did the same.  The feelings of reverence and love for the teachers were evident by their actions.
Back home, I reflected upon the events of the day which put me into thinking. What were the reasons for their behavior? What had motivated them to do so? What had driven them to show reverence and respect to their teachers in today’s environment when values are thinning out? I pondered over these actions as I have heard about the general behavior of the students who do not even care to salute their teachers. They ignore them and show a callous attitude towards them.
This event was an incomparable experience. What do their actions speak?   Whether they were a result of a value instilled in them, a phenomenon or it was Just an incident.