Carrots can be considered as the most valuable vegetable as it is the taproot and stores food. They are mostly orange in color because of the beta carotene and is a main source of vitamin “A”. It is also called as the “Miracle Vegetable”, because consumption of carrots is very beneficial and improves health to a large extent. The benefits of carrot can be enumerated as follows:
(a)    It is the main source of Vitamin “A” as it contains Beta- carotene, therefore good for skin and eyes.
(b)   Consumption of carrot reduces cancer, night blindness, obesity, colitis, Alzheimer disease, colon cancer urinary infections, ulcers, blood poisoning, insomnia, gum diseases and improves functioning of kidneys and gall bladder.
(c)    It contains anti-oxidants and prevents degeneration of cells, thus can be used as anti-ageing vegetable. It promotes the health of the skin.
(d)   It is anti carcinogen and has properties that can cure cancer.
(e)   It is also believed that it reduces bodily infections.
(f)     It is good for skin, hair and nails.
(g)    It enhances the quality of breast milk.
(h)   It can reduce blood pressure.
(i)      It can control blood sugar.
(j)     It is fibrous and therefore improves colon health.
(k)    It filters ultra-violet rays, thus preventing skin cancer
The value of carrots cannot be underestimated as it offers innumerable benefits and should form an essential part of your daily diet. Drinking one glass of carrot juice everyday is preferable than nibbling whole carrot, as beta carotene gets trapped in the indigestible fiber. Eating whole carrot gives only 1% of beta-carotene, but when carrot is juiced, the trapped beta carotene is released and 100% nutrients are available to the body. Carrots give high nutrient values and can be easily digested. They also provide energy and keep you livelier throughout the day. Carrots are valued because they do not contain cholesterol and has only low saturated fats. It contains high quantities of dietary fiber, iron, manganese, potassium, Vitamin ‘A’, Vitamin ‘B’-6 and Vitamin ‘C’.
You receive the highest nutritional value, if you consume Baby Carrots. It is a low calorie diet and is a healthy snack which contains you till the next meal. It offers you the best nutritional values, when taken as a raw vegetable. It helps you healthy, energetic and enthusiastic. It includes vitamins, minerals,  dietary fiber,  proteins, water, ash, fat and carbohydrates. The mineral contents of baby carrots include Calcium (mg per 100g) 32, Iron (mg per 100g) 0.89, Magnesium  (mg per 100g) 10, Phosphorus (mg per 100g) 28, Potassium (mg per 100g) 237, Sodium (mg per 100g) 78,Zinc  (mg per 100g) 0.17,Copperper 100g) 0.1, Manganese  (mg per 100g) 0.151 and Selenium (µ per 100g) 0.9. Baby carrots contain multi-vitamins and are the best source of vitamins.
Choose fresh, firm carrots with green leafy toppings and consume it every day in the form of juice to keep you fit and healthy.