Create Cute and Beautiful Fabric Borders
Add fabulous crochet edgings to the fabrics and make it the most beautiful. Anything that you want to crochet including frills and trims of pillow covers to baby towels can be done easily with a variety of designs and patterns. The awesome looks and the pretty finish it gives add value to the garment.
Multiple crochet edging patterns can be designed that make the trims, edges and borders look beautiful and artistic. The borders are created for various Dresses, Curtains, Shawls, Linens, Blankets and Scarves.  Each design made from crochet are appealing and range from traditional to contemporary in several styles and forms that include crocheting, lacing, rick racking, fringing and beading.  The vintage designs offer your fabric authentic borders that include Adeline Crochet edging, Apple blossoms, Aster edging, Buttercup edging, cosmos, forget me not and swirl edgings. The contemporary crochet edgings are also not less in number. Each and every border has its unique appeal. The clothing on which you use these designs enhances the aesthetic value.  The designs and colors of crochet edges for various fabrics can be variously decided based on the quality of the fabric, the color of the fabric and the texture of the fabric. The correct fabric and crochet ensemble should be pleasing and have an overall effect. The crochets may be  single colored, double colored or multi colored.