The different kinds of atrocious diseases prevailing in the world, increase of stress and work tensions, and a kind of competitive environment that people have to face today, has made man to contemplate on the root cause of these problems. He has realized that eating healthy, solves most of these problems and he can lead a peaceful, energetic and enthusiastic life. He is also aware that the fertilizers, additives and other chemicals are harmful to the body and that being the main cause of fatal diseases he has become more health conscious and want to go organic. What are these organic foods? Where can one find organic foods and what are the advantages of eating organic?
Organic foods are those foods which are grown using natural resources and natural fertilizers. These are pure foods without affected by any chemicals, fertilizers are additives. They are grown by farmers in the most natural way without use of any insecticides, pesticides or any kind of chemicals. The organic foods are available in the form of organic meat, organic milk, organic oils, organic vegetables, organic groceries, and organic coffee, which, can be procured from any departmental stores or one can grow organic foods in his farm or garden.
The advantages and benefits of eating organic cannot be replaced by any other type of food. These not only benefit man but also the environment. It prevents soil erosion and enhances the quality of air and soil. Further, biodiversity can be encouraged and energy can be saved.
The intake of organic food has proven very beneficial to man because he does not ingest harmful chemicals, food additives and colorings. In addition, the organic food contains vitamins, minerals and proteins in greater quantities than the food that is grown by using modern fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides. It is also believed and proved that the risk of cancer, allergies and cardiac diseases are reduced to a greater extent. The advantages being many, it is advised that one should eat organic foods.
It is very true that “You are what you eat”. So, If you want to lead a healthy and positive life,  be away from dangerous diseases,  be energetic and enthusiastic,  have tougher immune systems, eat tasty, delicious and nutritious food, then GO ORANIC AND LEAD A FULLER LIFE.

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