Hearing Loss
The ‘noise induced’ hearing loss is a permanent loss as the inner parts of the ear are damaged. The hair cells of the inner ear gets damaged either due to listening to continuous noise over long periods of time or due to the ‘acoustic trauma’, caused due to a sudden one time explosion.
Head injuries damage the middle ear where tympanum (ear drum) is affected with a break or tear. The fracture of the skull or the traumatic brain injury also majorly causes hearing loss.
Hearing loss caused due to tumor called “Acoustic Neuroma” can be treated and cured completely. People suffering from such hearing loss have signs of feeling fullness in one of the ear accompanied by ringing ear or may be completely deaf.
The impairment in the ears may be due to certain diseases that included osteo sclerosis. This may be suitably treated by altering the movement of the 3 small bones in the middle ear- the incus, malleus or the stapes.
The other disease like autoimmune inner ear disease can also be treated amicably. The onset of Menere’s disease between 30 and 50 years of age causes a condition affecting the inner ear. The patient experiences dizziness, hyper sensitiveness to loud noises, tinnitus etc. The drugs that cause hearing liss are called ototoxic drugs that include chemotherapy drugs or diuretic drugs like lasix ot ethacrynic acid, large doses of aspirins (sallicyclates) and drugs like streptomycin, neomycin or kanamycin that are termed as aminoglycoside antibiotics.
A sensory neural type of hearing loss is caused due to over aging. This is a natural process called presbycusis that results in an unclear or muffled hearing. Here the high pitched sounds break down.
The problems of hearing loss means  not able to hear and locate the source of sound; discriminate between the words that are loud enough and unable to understand the message.
To listen to the pleasant music and to comprehend others speech and to be accepted as a social person in the society, the hearing challenges have to be combated with suitable treatments.