Top Ten features of a Corporate Diary

Top Ten features of a Corporate Diary

Diaries, Planners and Organizers are an important possession of top profile individuals. They are all time companions that help in jotting down every day events, schedules, future plans and telephone numbers. CEO’s professionals, AD Agency heads, Army Officers, Doctors and Managers- look for the following features while selecting diaries, planners and organizers:
  1. Diaries with leather jackets that have exquisite finish are ideal
  2. Ensure the diary contains important contents like statistics, Airlines, Station addresses, Hotel information, Weights, measures and calorie counters.
  3.  Style, elegance and finish adds a corporate look to the diaries 
  4.  Quality papers that provides for smooth writing should be selected. 
  5.  The diaries of noted Companies like India Group that have gold gilt edged pages should be preferred 
  6.  Sleek and handy diaries are convenient to carry. 
  7.  Gold embossing on leather jackets adds a prestigious look and finish to the diary. 
  8. Two dates per page- diaries are ideal 
  9. Utility values of the diary should be kept in mind. 
  10.  Leather grain covering of black or chocolate brown color gives a classy look to the diaries.
(The diary that I have been using is quite bulky and cumbersome to carry. Today as I looked at my diary, I felt I should give some tips on selecting diaries that are handy and portrays our personality. This thought made me write this article.)


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