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May 2012

Lift up and don’t look down

Lift up and not look down currently I’m reading a book called “Cotton comes to Holland”, where the author explores Holland in his own perspective and discovers a mushroom called Psilocybin Mexicana (flesh of the Gods). After tasting ayahaunsca in… Continue Reading →

An antidote to sadness

Try not to mix any unpleasing sadness to your thoughts. Remember the events that soothed or elevated your mind.  This way you can keep your mind in a happy state.  Keep it open for fresh thoughts to enter.  allow the… Continue Reading →

For me writing is life. The day I don’t write, I feel I have done a crime. I myself don’t know why this craving for writing has developed in me. Why do I feel that I have to write something?… Continue Reading →

As man thinketh

You can make your life as you want it to be. You can make it a bed of roses or a bed of thorns. Do not blame the circumstances for what you are today. Turn your circumstances at your will…. Continue Reading →

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