For me writing is life. The day I don’t write, I feel I have done a crime. I myself don’t know why this craving for writing has developed in me. Why do I feel that I have to write something? This question lingers me day and night. I have tried finding answers. The reasons are many, one main reason is to give a vent to the bottled up emotions. The ideas, the thoughts and feelings has to be shared with our fellow beings. I’m not a profound writer or I don’t feel my ideas or thoughts are greater than others nor I feel that I should preach my philosophy to others. I write to  soothe my mind, I write to keep my mind crystal clear, I write to empty my emotions and keep it fresh for the new ideas to enter. I get a kind of untold happiness. I don’t want to sugar-coat my writings and I simply write whatever comes to my mind. I don’t want to violate this urge of writing. I’m a novice and I do not know the art of writing. It’s only a strong force that arises from inside, makes me write. I feel the truth inside me has to come out.

Still, I’m not sure if I can handle any type of writing. For some time I believed in myself as a poet and wrote some verses. Sometimes I end up writing a good designed poetry and sometimes I end up writing crap.

The quote that inspired me today “The secret to becoming who you wish to be begins with believing you can become who you wish to be,”