New Year Celebrations-Ugadi

New Year Celebrations-Ugadi

     On every chaitra shuddha padyami of the hindu lunar calendar the people of Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Goa celebrate their New Year with  renewed energy.  On this day all new things come to life, the astronomical motion starts.  People with a new gush of energy start new ventures, children begin their new classes be it in music, dance or any new course. Anything that begins on this day is successful.

‘Yesmin Krishno divamvyataha, tasmat eeva pratipannam kaliyugam

The festival marks the beginning of kaliyuga which, started on Feb 17 or 18 at midnight in 3102 BCE. On this day life began on earth,Brahma, the creator, created the universe.

     People spend their day reading literary works, poetic recitations, listening to classical music and panchanga shravanam (reciting of the almanac).  The forecast of the year is recited.
The significance

     Karnataka folks eat neem leaves and jaggery that signifies both joy and sorrow are part of life.
     Andhra’s Pacchadi : Neem, raw mango, tamarind, green chilli, jaggery, ripe banana and a pinch of salt are ground.  The pacchadi symbolizes sorrow, joy, anger, fear, disgust and surprise.

     At different places New Year is celebrated under different names:
  •  Rajasthan-Thepna
  • Sindh-chetichand
  • Manipur-Sajibu Nongma parba
  • Bali and Indonesia-Nyepi
How to greet on Ugadi

     Kannada– Ugadi Habbada Shubashayagalu
     Telugu-Ugadi Panduga palakarimpulu
     Konkani- Navve varshache shubashay
     Marathi-Gudi Pawyacha hardik shubhechcha

Ugadi will be celebrated on 08 April 2016

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