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10 Aims of Education

     “The objective of education is not the production of self confident fools.”(Bruner, Jerome. Process of education, Cambridge, Mass: Harvard university press)      “The school should always have as its aim that the young man leave it as a harmonious personality. not as a specialist.  The development of general ability for independent thinking and judgement should always be placed foremost.” (Albert Einstein. Out of my later years, New York: philosophical library.1960).    

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10 top definitions on Education

     To educate is to draw the best talent that is latent in the individual.  Each person has various talents hidden inside.  The job of the teacher is to identify the talents of the individual and groom the talent, so that the individual contributes his best to the society.  Education does not only mean to deposit knowledge but it is to cultivate learning and share wisdom in life.  It is an experience of enlightenment.

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Black to back

Remembered the time when my life was blackWhile I was wondering if could really get backThrough the darkness, I have come to lightSmiling and enduring all the odds and frightOn the day I boarded the life’s trainPeople rejoiced and jumped in rainAnd as the days passed through the darkI felt entering the mouth of a sharkWith all the fright, I tightened my teethOut I was thrown on to a wasteland heathThere I struggled to know

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