1. The power of happy thoughts has a tremendous effect on the mind.  Pure mind free of all vices, fear, doubts and dreadful thoughts is a happy mind.  Happiness ranges from contentment to intense joy.  Thoughts of jealousy, hatred etc., bogs you down.  Egos keep you at distance. Humility and happy thoughts gives immense joy.

2. Look, How beautiful God has created this world!! Connection with God and nature gives ultimate happiness.

3. Forget past, focus on present and have a vision for future.  Make use of every moment of life to make it more satisfying and contented.

4. You are a unique person on this earth endowed with qualities and talents that are very special. There is no need of comparing yourself with others.  Appreciate good qualities in others.  Judging, condemning, criticizing and giving despising looks will never make you happy. This means that you are in a brooding frame of mind.

5. Follow your passion.  It gives you happiness.

6. Empathy is to feel others emotions and feelings. Empathize.  Your love and affection for others binds you with the society. Don’t have hurt feelings. Forgive and forget.

7. We often counter with challenges of life which test our emotional mettle. They are realities of life.  Face the challenges with strength.

8. Nurture constructive and creative thoughts.  They add value to life.  As man thinketh.  Your personality reflects your thoughts.

9. Participation in social gatherings, adventure activities elevates your mind.  Laugh and enjoy with others.

10. A craving for learning will help you grow.  Keep your eyes, ears and mind open for good things.

what makes you happy? Share your thoughts.