Youth has the potential to play an important role in nation building. They are the most valuable citizens and future leaders of our country.The onus of using this potential to achieve high standards in every field lie on the teachers and parents.   Every one of us wants to see this country as a developed nation.This can happen only when the youth of India progress and become strong, healthy and happy individuals who can contribute significantly towards nation building.  A positive attitude about the country with good reasoning power, logical thinking, good communication, problem solving ability a spirit of scientific inquiry, morality, value education, leadership, spirit of adventure, comradeship, spirit of sportsmanship are the attributes that we have to sow in the fertile minds of today’s youth.

Make the following investment on youth today and reap multi-fold benefits tomorrow.  These elements also add meaning and fun to the life of youth.

  •      Character building
  •      Grooming leadership qualities
  •      Building physical and mental courage
  •      Making them strong and healthy
  •     Imbibing the spirit of adventure
  •     Acquainting problems of society 
  •     Arriving at suitable solutions
  •     Helping to choose passionate fields
  •     Developing suitable skills
  •     Keeping them united and disciplined
The above elements can be achieved through imparting suitable knowledge through group discussions, experimentation, lecturing, debates, declamation, impromptu speeches, dance, drama, street play, digital education, crafts, models etc.,
Our country is still facing a lot of problems.  They say every problem has a solution.  The problems of economy, social, cultural, regional, political, environmental, scientific educational, international, law and order, agricultural or day to day life activities etc., are bogging us down.  The need of the hour is to bring an awareness in this generation about these problems and arriving at optimal solutions.
Since social media has a strong impact on the audience, come out with problems and suitable solutions for the same.