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August 2017

Shut down, Log off and get connected

     “It’s enchanting, It’s exciting and wonderful.  It’s something like seeing with new and colorful eyes”, these were the words that came out of Sam, when we had been on a trek to a nearby hill.      There… Continue Reading →

Looking for a ray of hope

     Thousands and millions of people want to work but they do not have a job.  What might be the state of mind of an youth not having a job?  It must be the most devastating experience for him…. Continue Reading →

Self awareness

     Man is a product of heredity and environment.  The genes may shape him to certain extent but it’s the environment that contributes magnanimously in making him.  The society does not perceive him only by his physique, but mostly… Continue Reading →

Adapt to the change

     Change is constant and adaptability is the need of the hour.  We cannot change the direction of the wind, we can only adjust the sails. At every point of our life, there is a change.  A newly wed… Continue Reading →

Do you have it in you?

     It was a long boring speech.  The team leader went on and on in the board room.  Some dozed off with their laptops in front.  Amit’s thoughts did not correlate to the speech.  He knew about this boss…. Continue Reading →

Creative solutions-the need of the hour

     In this transitional era of fourth industrial revolution where artificial intelligence and robotics are occupying the center stage, there are a multitude of problems that need creative solutions.  Visualize the effects of technological advancement in the year 2020…. Continue Reading →

Keep that curiosity alive

     Why are vacuum tubes used in first generation computers?     Why do cows bring the swallowed grass back to it’s mouth and chew?      These kind of questions haunt the children while studying.  They are curious to… Continue Reading →

Just smile, come what may

     She was feeling small, alone and lonely.  Her right leg was amputated last week as the gangrene didn’t heal. She was thinking hard. “what do I do now, How do I lead a normal life?”  Tears flowed down… Continue Reading →

Beauty of life

    A deep emotion inside the heart gives the real purpose and meaning to life.  Life is not only about orderliness, cleanliness, clear thinking, rules and regulations.  If you want to give a deeper meaning to your life, you… Continue Reading →

Your care is always what they wish for

     “Thank you mama, I love you”, said little Nina when her mother gave her the books that she had purchased while returning from work.  Though she was working, Nina’s mother gave all her time for Nina when she… Continue Reading →

Follow your Heart while choosing a career

     What are your natural passions?  Give a meaning to your passion by pursuing it.  You cannot kill a passion before it takes wings.  You are here to realize your own nature perfectly.  Don’t be afraid of yourself or… Continue Reading →

Form good habits for success

     “Why should I fail when I have it in me to be a winner of life”?     “I have all the qualities to become powerful”.  Are you dreaming of such thoughts? Then, you are longing for success.  Success is… Continue Reading →

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