Hey, Take a break

Hey, Take a break

I want to feel relaxed amidst pressure! How do I do it?

Sometimes I feel I’m at the verge of terrible crisis but I always desire for a bouquet of exquisite Joy!!How do I get?

People say ‘Meditation’, but I have never meditated. When I’m fatigued, I must have taken few deep breaths and concentrated on breathing.  I don’t know if this is meditation, but it has always helped me.

To be in the state of happiness is everyone’s endeavor. The means of getting happiness may be different for different people  Some say we are happy when there is a harmony between soul and body.  Though I don’t know how and where my soul is,  I feel this is true, but how to bring them in harmony?

In this struggle for existence, we want to fill our souls with something enduring and not feed rubbish. We want to fill it with happiness.  One way of feeling relaxed is to imagine beautiful things around us and when things are ugly, we can make it  beautiful by giving a wonderful meaning to it.  This is how I escape from anguish and pain. In hot summers, I imagine a summer wind heading towards me with a scent of jasmine or I imagine birds at flight soaring in the sky wanting to reach the zenith of ecstasy. Being one with nature gives tremendous relaxation.

Being creative is another way of getting happiness.  Oscar wild said “Create beautiful things and reveal art”.  Indulging in creative activities will definitely converge our energies towards positivism.

How do you take a break when feeling down, exhausted and tired? Share it on Spark.

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Samartha Raghava Nagabhushanam Posted on10:50 pm - Aug 16, 2017

Exactly the way you do… most times

But I also meditate a few times to feel emptiness of mind

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