Just smile, come what may

Just smile, come what may

     She was feeling small, alone and lonely.  Her right leg was amputated last week as the gangrene didn’t heal. She was thinking hard. “what do I do now, How do I lead a normal life?”  Tears flowed down her cheeks.  She looked at the clock. 12 o clock, midnight.  She wanted to sleep. But sleep did not come anywhere near her.  She wiped her tears.  “No, I should not cry.”, she said to herself.  She was trying to gather strength and courage on her revolving chair. 

 “I have a management degree, I’m certain somebody would give me a job in the reserved category”.  She was hoping against hope. 

     Meanwhile, her brother stood before her, “Hema, Don’t worry.  I can understand what you are going through”.  Hema sobbed, “would you like to join my company as a manager?”

There was a drastic change in her.  She smiled, just as if she had been given a handful of diamonds.

     We may have to face similar situations.  Come what may.  It is especially necessary to be cheerful.  The drooping spirits will sap out our energy.  We tend to become negative.  Don’t lose hope at any moment of your life.  Smile even when you are at the worst situations.  Smile brings positive energy around.  Don’t let distress change your smile.  Let your smile change the world.

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