Keep that curiosity alive

Keep that curiosity alive

     Why are vacuum tubes used in first generation computers?
     Why do cows bring the swallowed grass back to it’s mouth and chew?

     These kind of questions haunt the children while studying.  They are curious to know the unknown in this complex world,  Curiosity is something each and everyone of us should have.  Keeping this fire alive always help to learn and conquer.  Human beings struggle to seek answers to questions that entice them.  He learns, grows, creates, changes and succeeds.  This is why the world is beautiful today.

     People who do not ask questions remain dumb throughout their lives.  When they do not ask, they cease to learn, their minds stagnate and are not able to produce new things.  Curiosity sharpens brain and enhances learning. It is therefore necessary to ask questions like a five year old as to who, what where, why and how.  These questions fuel the intellect and help to grow.

     Children are very inquisitive and it is necessary to keep curiosity alive in children.  Their sense of wonder has to be nurtured by encouraging them to ask questions.  The ‘why’ questions sharpen their critical thinking and problem solving abilities.  When you don’t curb their questioning attitude, they develop to become scientists, leaders and explorers.

     Where do you get answers to all your questions? Some may be sought by going within or by depending on external sources like books, internet and videos.  Experiences, observation and talking to people also help.  Sometimes answers do not exist to many of our queries.  Intensive searching leads to new discoveries and inventions.

     Curiosity, in our brain is treated much like any other pleasurable activities like eating etc.,  Studies have also shown that people are better at their learning when the topic piques their interest.  Unrelated information can also be learnt faster.  A song tit bird with a curiosity gene visits new areas and explores unfamiliar objects placed in their cage.

     Curiosity is the essence of human existence.  It keeps us live and propels us towards contributing.

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