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August 2017

How to build Self Confidence for success in business

      You feel so powerful when you dream of being a leader or a game changer.  But what are the qualities required to become one?     To celebrate yourself a leader, Super Confidence with right mix of managerial skills… Continue Reading →


     In this complex society, it’s very challenging for women to achieve success in their career and be there for family too!!!     During their journey to reach the zenith of success, there are many a time when women… Continue Reading →

Hey, Take a break

I want to feel relaxed amidst pressure! How do I do it? Sometimes I feel I’m at the verge of terrible crisis but I always desire for a bouquet of exquisite Joy!!How do I get? People say ‘Meditation’, but I… Continue Reading →

Stories-taste them

Stories are mostly written in solitude!!! They are filled with fantasized feelings, silences and experiences from history to future, creating worlds of imaginations. Stories may be in the form of Short story, Novella, Epic, Drama, Tragedy, Comedy, Farce, Parody or… Continue Reading →

Writing a story!!!

There is so much joy in writing a story!!! A story that ignites thousand minds; A story that makes the reader dream of beautiful strange things; A story that takes to amazing places. Keep the following few things in mind… Continue Reading →

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