Self awareness

Self awareness

     Man is a product of heredity and environment.  The genes may shape him to certain extent but it’s the environment that contributes magnanimously in making him.  The society does not perceive him only by his physique, but mostly by his attitudes, perceptions, behaviors, mannerisms, conduct, experience, knowledge, skills,wisdom and intelligence.  The individual perceives himself differently from what the society perceives.  Whatever may be the perception of the society, the individual has to make a constant effort to change himself for the better.  He has to be aware of himself so that he can sharpen his skills, change his attitude, improve his behavior and enhance his knowledge. He should also know what people around think of him.  To know about self, play this small game-‘Open your heart’, with a group of people.

     The game goes like this.  Each member of the group draws a heart and divide into four chambers.  On the top left section of the heart, each member will write their own name vertically and add a positive quality after each alphabet like

     N-Nature lover

      On the top right section, the members will write his likes and dislikes like

     I like to listen to music
     I like to grow vegetables in my kitchen garden
     I don’t like to watch serials on television
     I don’t like to keep clutter in my house

     On the bottom left section, each member will write two good qualities they possess and two qualities they want to change like

     I care for my family
     I make friends easily
     I want to improve on my concentration
     I want to improve my fitness

     On the bottom right section of the heart, each member will write what others think about them like

     I’m useless and wasting valuable time
     I’m carefree and enjoying life

     Some qualities like affectionate, attractive, artistic, brave, creative, charming, calm, compassionate, caring, confident, considerate, dedicated, easy going, encourages others, flexible, friendly, graceful, generous, happy, honest etc., can also be added

      After filling all the four chambers of the heart take turns to read the contents of the hearts aloud. Thereafter discuss the qualities in a group.  You can also give suggestions as to how to improve on weaknesses.  These discussions give each member an insight as to what their strengths and weaknesses are.  The exercise will also help people to come closer and to know each other better.
     It is important to be aware of ourselves as self awareness is the key to our self esteem.  Some people have difficulties in saying positive things about themselves in the group.  But, now after identifying the strengths and weaknesses, a new power of believing in oneself develops.  It also helps in realizing many inherent hidden qualities..

 Keep adding positive qualities to your personality. Work hard to change the weaknesses into strengths.

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