Stories-taste them

Stories-taste them

Stories are mostly written in solitude!!! They are filled with fantasized feelings, silences and experiences from history to future, creating worlds of imaginations.

Stories may be in the form of Short story, Novella, Epic, Drama, Tragedy, Comedy, Farce, Parody or a satire.  Each story tastes different.  All the above forms of stories have the capacity to suck the reader. Every author has a distinct talent to touch the hearts of the audience.  Let us see a few distinct talents:

  • Some authors end stories in the way that nobody could have ever predicted.
  • Some stories vibrate the heart with the pulse of the protagonist.
  • Some showcase how the world around us influence creations.
  • Stories that are interwoven with musical phrases and fantastic elements, keep our heart in rhythm.
  • Stories which have the power to change the world are rear but precious.  One such example is ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ which exerted a momentous influence on America during the midst of civil war.
Stories act as a powerful motivator to change our life, they are powerful navigators, which lead us to wonderful destinies, they are the entertainers that give immense joy and they give us insights to perform greater acts.
Taste the flavors of various stories and be a master of your lives!!!
Which type of stories are closer to your heart.  Tell a story here on Spark. 

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