“Thank you mama, I love you”, said little Nina when her mother gave her the books that she had purchased while returning from work.  Though she was working, Nina’s mother gave all her time for Nina when she was around.  She heard all the school stories what Nina had to say.  Nina did very well at her school, she had friends and was always cheerful.

     Pravalika’s mother was also working.  She was a manager in a corporate office.  Her priorities were different.  She came home late and rushed to gym.  She attended late night parties.  She never cared what Pravalika did at her school. Pravalika was longing for her mom’s attention.  She wanted to say about so many things that happened at school, but her mother had no time for her.  Pravalika grew up to be a withdrawn child.  She was always in the state of distress.  She did not do well at school, she had no friends and did not participate in any sport or other activities.

    Parents, what do you feel when you read these two stories?  Your quality time for the children is very important.  Kindly give them all the time you have in the world.  Be with them.  Listen to them.  There is a strong connection between your investment and competence of the child.  If you are not there for them, they develop behavioral problems.  They do not understand how to regulate their emotions.

     Some mothers are very hostile towards their children.  They feel that it is their right to shout at them.  Depressed mothers cannot give positive support to the children.  Negative parents foster negative emotions in the child.  The child becomes very arrogant and show behavioral problems.  They cannot adapt well to the society.

     So care givers, be warm to your children and give all the support.

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