Learning is from cradle to grave, they say.  I love to be a learner throughout my life and I don’t want to keep those nuggets with myself.  I just want to share the gains of learning with others  That is the reason why I write. Writing blog posts everyday has changed my lifestyle, my thinking process and my habits.  I just want to share a few things what I have learned off late:

  •      I have formed habits like writing, exercising and reading. These habits that I have developed lately has given me immense pleasure. I feel habits put us on the path of success.
  •      I have become a positive thinker. In the endeavor of giving new things to my readers, my process of thinking has changed.  I have trained my mind to get only positive thoughts and I’m passing the same thoughts to my readers.
  •      I have connected to people which has resulted in lasting friendships.  Getting to know others by interacting with them has also enhanced my learning.
  •      I have redefined my beliefs.  I read about 10 to 15 pages a day, that’s been highly rewarding.  By doing this, I have enhanced my knowledge, vocabulary and skills of writing and have changed my view point on many things.
  •      I write everyday which has become a part of my life.  I pen down all my thoughts.  Writing on paper is like writing on brain.  Writing has changed my thought process and personality.  I don’t complain or crib about anything nowadays.
  •      I’m more disciplined.  My work life and home are balanced.  Scheduling and writing ‘things to do’ has improved my time management skills and concentration.
  • My relation with myself has become strong.  Nowadays, I spend some time on introspection, that helps to know me better.
  • Writing has helped me to wake up early in the morning.  Mornings are very refreshing.  A mind refreshed thinks better.
  •      I read newspaper.  I was literally cut off from the world.  Now I have made it a point to keep myself updated with the current affairs.
  •      I watch inspiring websites like Economic forums and ted talks.  These websites are really inspiring and the knowledge that we get from these are amazing.
  •      I give auto suggestions to the brain that has helped me perform better.  I believe in we controlling the brain rather than the brain controlling us.
  •      I pump confidence into the brain that has helped me to take decisions rationally.  I decide faster and take right decisions at right time.
These are the few things I do.  There’s a long way to go.  I thought sharing these will help you to do better in life.