Be stress free

Be stress free

     I strongly believe that you can always be happy in spite of problems that you face in your daily lives.  I have been talking on many aspects of personal growth not realizing the daily grunt a person experiences right from getting up till he hits the bed.

     The problem of paying EMIs, tension of meeting clients, presentation to be given, guilt of not doing exercise, breakfast, meditation, problems of long  distances of commuting to the office-the list is endless.

     What happens when you carry tension all day long?  You will be unnecessary a victim of mental disease.  Don’t you want to take extra precautions to stay away from depression and mood disorders?  The symptoms of keeping tension with you are many.  You suffer from low energy, head aches, stomach upset, aches and pains, chest pain, rapid heart beat, insomnia, frequent colds and infections and loss of sexual desire.

     I wish all these symptoms stay away from you.  I want you to be bubbling with energy, beaming a smile at all times.

  • Never press the panic button.  Stay calm.  Take the situation as it comes.  No money-be happy,  lot of money be happy.  
  • Enjoy the traffic jams, smile at the boss who scolds you. Don’t care much when your colleagues are indifferent to you-  Do your work, smile at everybody, carry your routine jobs
  • Plan your day well.  Be ready for presentations.  Show confidence
  • Enjoy with your children at home.  Spend some time with family.
  • Don’t get agitated for small things.  Take control of yourself.
  • If somebody blames you for nothing, don’t worry.  Don’t even take cognizance of that.
  • Look after yourselves at all times.  Eat healthy, sleep well, exercise if you are in a habit, again meditate, if that gives you inner peace and concentrate on your daily routine
  • Take a break, enjoy nature if that gives happiness or play a game.  Have fun.
  • Forget all miseries.  Don’t take anything to heart.  Enjoy every moment of yours
  • Smile at all those who annoy you.
     If you are facing a tough situation, Keep calm and face the challenge with confidence.  As going gets tough, the tough get going.  The tough situation vanishes after some time.  It’ll not stay permanently with you.  Hope for the best.  Take appropriate decisions.  Try to resolve the situation. Don’t keep all the responsibility for yourself.  Divide and share responsibilities.  You feel relaxed.

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