Being tough

Being tough

     A mind which is not stable enough to sustain the various internal and external forces is always cluttered.  It is necessary to be strong and possess a stability in all situations.  I believe in ‘sama chitta’ at all times.  A strong, beautiful mind is free from all vices and clutters.  It does not get perturbed very easily.  Life is a game of challenges.  A person who has faced multiple challenges in life has a strong emotional intelligence.  He knows very well how to come out of every situation that is trying and hard.

     As going gets tough, the tough get going.  Life does not offer all good things on a silver platter, but whatever it offers we should know how to make it good.  Turn every change into nuggets for improvisation.  It is in our hands how to make a bad situation turn a good opportunity for us.  Tough people do not brood over their mistakes for a long time.  They learn from their mistakes and keep them at a safe distance.  After all to err is human.

     Tough people are self aware.  They don’t compare themselves to others.  They work on themselves and only compare as to what they were yesterday and what they are today.  The praises and criticisms do not touch them, yet they are free to accept any opinion that are productive.  

     Everybody is here to contribute. Tough people know this very well.  They don’t insult or look down upon anybody instead they know how to handle toxic people and ‘know it all’ types.  They keep a check on their feelings when they are dealing with such people.  They don’t get agitated or frustrated but take it with a pinch of salt.

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