Boon or bane-food for thought

Boon or bane-food for thought

     “It’s really a magic even if you know how it’s done” said Terry Pratchett.

     Yes, technological advancement is magic affecting people’s lives.  The multiple benefits it has brought to the mankind within a short span of time is commendable but, if it continues to progress at a faster pace, what might be the consequences?

     Earlier students learnt only through teachers and books but, with the access to the internet, they are gaining insights, improving their power of imagination and are set to generate new ideas and things.  The exhaustive information in the internet is creating sparks in the young minds and learning has become more meaningful.

     Businesses are no more entities of disunion. Technology has made it more collaborative.  It’s bringing employees and employers together by interacting with responsibility and sharing.  It has also increased the pace of transaction.

     Technology is not only playing it’s part in business and education, it has touched the lives of people in all aspects.  It has revolutionized the  various sectors like health, education, transportation, productivity, lifestyle, communication, creative fields, economy, trade and governance.

    Technology helping human lives at all junctures is well appreciated. But it should not prove to be a disaster in the future.  With AI and robotics being man’s endeavor, what happens to the mankind?   Robots have already been installed in the packing and other industries, which are snatching men’s jobs.  What will happen to the work industry with automation? Will technology be a boon or bane to the mankind? 

Earlier, man and machine were separated, now integrated, but what will happen when machines dominate man?  What will human beings do when this world is arranged with all machines?   What happens when the super intelligent machines are capable of making better software? 

At this juncture, we can neither predict the future nor stop man from his endeavor of making super intelligent machines.  What do you say?

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