Developing a go-getter attitude

Developing a go-getter attitude

     We don’t know what’ll happen to the mankind in future as everything is changing.  A day may come when it’s difficult to distinguish between what’s natural and what’s artificial. As people are aiming to integrate physical, biological and digital worlds to make super intelligent robots, will man be happy or get bored?  Are we stepping into the world where humanity ends and robots begin?

     What is the ultimate aim of humans?  Is it to make things easier for himself,  to lead a better life or should he aim at enlightenment?  As I was watching the video on fourth revolution I was caught up with these thoughts.

     Let’s wait and watch what happens in the future.  As great thinkers say ‘Live for the present’, let’s stick to that.  We really can’t predict what happens tomorrow and the past is gone.  Today our aim is to live the best with a purpose.  To be vibrant vital and alive, we should have a purpose in life.  Let’s take inspiration from this boy.

     A little boy full of energy and mischief does not want to be cooped up at home.  He wants to go out and explore.  He want to expend his energies and learn.  He has a passion, a purpose, wants to make worthy of himself.  With this mental make he fights all odds to become a sports person.  He starts practicing everyday.  Eventually he becomes a part of two gold medal winning teams at Olympics.

     Sheer perseverance and enthusiasm turns ordinary people into extra-ordinary.  Each one of us here has a purpose.  We know what’s best for us.  Like JK Rowling, who lived a single mother became a multimillionaire only because of her dreams and hard work.  She was a go getter.  Let’s live our lives with an attitude-‘I’ll get what I want and I’m ready to go to any extent to attain it.’

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