Discovering one’s own potential.

Discovering one’s own potential.

Negative thoughts would control your day to day attitude more than you realize. Turn every problem into a benefit and this leads you to a truly extraordinary life.                      To become a completely positive, happy and healthy person I would like to give a few suggestions.                                                     Identify the negative people, situations and memories that keep you stuck to negative emotions and try to overcome it.         Realize the enormous potential within you.                                                                           Identify the factors that cause you negative emotions and change your thinking.                                                                   Refuse to blame others for anything and accept complete responsibility for everything that has happened in your life.        Free yourself from guilt.                                 Seek a valuable lesson in eve failure  or obstacle.                                                                   Believe in your talent and ability and think there is virtually nothing that you  can’t accomplish.                                                               Forgive everyone who has ever hurt you in anyway.                                                                  Following these would definitely help in maximising our abilities and put us onto loving relationships and complete fulfilment.                                                                   Finally, to make our lives bed off roses or thorns is in our hands. By  practicing to control your emotions, you feel at peace and often you will find yourself smiling. 

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Dr.Vishwanath Dixit Posted on2:29 pm - Sep 20, 2017

Good One!

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