Expand your mind power

Expand your mind power

 Our minds are like whirl winds picking up all dust, turning round and round.

 Most of the times our minds are confused and dwell in petty unwanted thoughts.  It needs direction.

The list of things one could do to make the mind fertile is pretty short.

There are about three things on it.

     1. Train your mind to think on many aspects that add value.
     2. Do anything like reading writing, practicing to learn continuously.

     3. Reflect on ideas generated by people and participate in discussions.

 It’s not easy enough to control this wandering mind and beat the flow of unwanted thoughts.
To train the mind, you have to practice five or six principles.

     1.  Don’t waste time on what you don’t understand.

     2.   Learn by asking questions.
     3.   Learn to say Yes, No or don’t know.

     4.   Whatever is not comprehensible, ask people to explain as if they are explaining to a five year     old.  That’s how you learn the basics.

     5.  Work unceasingly on what you believe

     6.   Be curious to know things.  Learn through out life

 Allow the mind to expand by following few things.

     1.  Follow great people like Elon musk or sir Ken Robinson.

     2.  Follow current events.  Keep in pace with today’s world

     3…Watch documentaries.

     4.  Maintain a journal

     5.  Read lot of books

     6.  Browse the net.  Internet is a great source of knowledge

There are eight kinds of intelligence found in human beings.
     1.  Linguistic intelligence (words and communication)
     2.  Logical or mathematical intelligence (inductive and deductive reasoning)
     3.  Spatial intelligence (visual and spatial world)
     4.  Body Kinesthetic intelligence ((expertise in using body)
     5.  Musical intelligence (understanding rhythms, music and sound)
     6.  Interpersonal intelligence (maintaining successful relationship)
     7.  Intra personal intelligence (self knowledge and introspection)
     8.  Naturalistic intelligence (Knowledge of natural and artificial dimensions) 
Think on.  Groom your skills.  You have two choices.
     1.  You can work on yourself to grow.
     2.  You can waste your time and stagnate..
Which do you choose?
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Inspired by quora
Excerpts from ‘Frames of intelligence’ by Howard gardner

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