Experience increases your learning curve

Experience increases your learning curve

     Before you’re the person who gains experience, you’re a person with unrealistic imagination and visualization!

     It’s heartbreaking for you, if you’re an interior designer designing a space sitting in a remote place and visualizing the space.  You may not even get the accurate picture of the space unless you visit the space multiple times or make the designs at the space itself.  By doing this, you are more accurate and precise in your visualization.  You come out with a fabulous design with right choices of textures and color for the walls, cabins, pillars, carpets, blinds, lighting and furniture.

     It’s highly disappointing, if you’re a minister and offering condolences through the media to the people who have lost their relatives in the floods.   Sitting in your office, you cannot visualize the amount of destruction and the panic that is prevailing in the flood affected area.You may not even imagine how massive is the loss of property and lives. Your not being there affects the morale of the survivals .  They are in panic, not knowing what to do, how to lead their future lives  Your reassurance goes a long way.  They see hope and solace in your comforting words and the compensation you offer.  So be there, analyze the situation and take appropriate steps.  The flood victims may remember you forever.

     It’s unfortunate, if you’re a child too young and inexperienced, sitting inside the four walls of a classroom and studying pollination. Go to the garden, see for yourself the various flowers and butterflies.  Observe how butterflies and insects move from flower to flower.  Understand the transference of pollen from the stamens of one flower to the stigma of another.

     So readers, What do you learn when you read these three incidents?  Don’t you feel that a gap between unrealistic imagination and a first hand experience exist that affect your learning curve and ROI?  What is experience without reflection?

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