Finding happiness

Finding happiness

     So much of anxiety and tension around us.  Millions and millions of people are living with depression totally stressed out with the problems of life.  Many are living with fatal diseases like cancer and Aids, fighting for life and trying to find ways and means to lead remaining lives happily.  There are also a huge mass of people striving to make both ends meet, not getting one square meal a day, having no jobs, no purpose and no means for living. There are also people who are handicapped-blind, deaf, dumb, without limbs etc trying to find happiness despite disabilities. Healthy people also have work tensions, time tensions and family tensions.  Students have academic tensions to score more and stand out in the environment that is highly competitive.

      Here is a story of a cancer patient whom I met in the military hospital at Pune.  She was around thirty five years old undergoing chemotherapy.  There was not a single strand of hair on her head.  Yet I saw her smiling all the time cracking jokes, entertaining other patients, feeding and helping them out.  She knew she had very little time on this earth.  She meticulously maintained a diary where she wrote all her policy numbers, bank details and other information that would help her family after death.  She also reassured the patients around giving them hope and care. She found out a way, to come out of her stress and tensions.  She found happiness in talking to people and helping them out.

     Each one of us having tensions, try to develop our own coping mechanisms.  We may go for a walk, listen to music, watch TV, play with children, read, dance, have fun time, go out for dinners, involve in social work etc.,  Manisha Koirala, a celebrity who acted in a number of films once had lot of name and fame.  Now she is a cancer survivor and finds happiness in giving small talks to children and organizing campaigns to fight cancer.  She also takes care of the cancer patients.

     Some of the coping strategies that psychologists suggest are self soothing, giving positive affirmations, being active, taking control, connecting with people, helping others and working smarter.  following these,you can come out of panic and fear.  You can turn all your despairs and discouragements into hope and courage.  It gives you a sense of joy, hope and calm.    


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Manasa Nagabhushanam Posted on10:09 am - Sep 18, 2017

Very good one!

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