When we feel exhausted with work and other stressful situations, it is quite common we look for some rest to the body and mind.  Though I have not been on any great turnout, my health was not upto the mark.  Recently was undergoing some stress which I could not define.  However, stress results in ailment.  I was used to a pain in the chest and my left arm.  As I was driving, I used to listen to FM which normally had sponsored ads on heart problems.  Everytime I heard the ad, I was feeling that I may be undergoing the same. But was not dare enough to get it tested.  I was thinking why land up in unwanted complications.  My repeated suggestions that something is happening to me resulted in uncontrolled hypertension. 
At times I over observe my body if something is wrong in my body or if everything is alright.  I end up with some health concern.
My ears went up when there were announcements of the health department on symptoms of dengue.  Do you have pain at the back of your eyes? Are you suffering from fever etc.  I started observing myself if I was having any of those.  Two days after such repeated conditioning, to my shock, I was really in deep trouble with very high fever, chills, eye pain and what not. 
Now it is almost 8 days, struggling to be out of this messy situation.  Why I went on narrating these is because I have been reading and telling people about the power of mind.  I believe in the happening of things twice.  The mind creates such a visual effect and it comes close to reality.  When we exercise these abilities for happening of good things, it turns out to be fantastic.  But inviting troubles can make  you disgusting.  However, we are used to saying whatever has to happen will happen, it is true but is there no likeliness of inviting grace to avoid dire consequences?