How to overcome anguish

How to overcome anguish

How to overcome anguish
     Suraj was the only child of Hari and Vani.  In their small world of three, Suraj, was an apple of the eye.  Suraj performed well in his studies and brought home the medals that he won in many competitions at school.  As they were feeling on the top of the world, a sudden mishap got them down!!  Suraj was snatched away by the God of death.  This pained their hearts.  The mother couldn’t control herself.  Her grief grew more and more. She touched his belongings, felt them, embraced them and finally cried to her hearts content. Somehow Hari seemed stronger than Vani.  He got involved in his work and this slowly made him to come out of the deep agonizing pain.  Vani went to depression and became a permanent psychiatric patient. No amount of consolation and reassurance lessened her pain.  Well wishers suggested them to adopt a son of the same age.  They did not agree.  They felt that this will only increase their anguish.

Years passed like lightning.  We know that time is the best healer.  With this passage of five years, their minds changed.  They were now willing to adopt a child of the same age of what their demised son would have been.  They called this new boy Suraj.  Their happiness revisited while they saw another Suraj emerging out.  It got doubled when Vani became pregnant for the second child.  They gave their two children the unconditional love, care and concern.  Thus the happy family went on. I told this story because I empathize with people who is stuck with deep pain. what might be the thing that they must be going through?  This thought often haunts me.

I suggest a few techniques that will help out to endure that pain.

  • Taking deep breaths help to live in present. The agony will have a vent with exhalation, making room for happiness.
  • Getting disconnected from the painful environment and getting connected to people helps to get rid of anxiety.
  • Self empowering by powerful positive suggestions to the brain reduces stress
  • Exercise and drinking lots of water helps in relieving stress to some extent.
So Conquer that tension in life, by living in breath and living in now.

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