We are all born as individuals on this earth, life teaches us individuality.  It makes us think as isolated entities in the universe. We become so individualistic that the wholesomeness is disintegrated.   As social beings life teaches us to live with people of our families and those with whom we interact. In reality we are a part of the big whole.
The society brings us together and economy keeps us apart.  The universe brings us together but our thinking keeps us apart.  Our thought processes acts as the biggest blocks to feel unified with the whole.  It is not easy as said.  Accepting the wholesome phenomenon is not that easy.  Many questions arise to accept this because of the material facts.  We have to make a living.  We have to earn for ourselves and our family.  We need protection, we need a house.  One can’t be judgmental saying that it is not the right thing to do.  It is the way of life.  But if we want our dreams to be realized we have to understand things wont work in isolation.  The more we accept oneness, the easier it is to achieve our dreams.