Does Anger confer strength or weakness to an individual??
To the above question many of our reply may be yes!!.because since our childhood it has been taught to us or portrayed that an angry person is powerful, this belief system has been carried  & transmitted across generations,it has also been substantiated with a logic that it acts as a wonderful catalyst for getting work done & said little anger is necessary else things cannot happen. Is it so??we need to give pause for this logic & think how for how long an individual can be comfortable to himself or herself being angry??to this it reminds us a famous Buddhist quote  “Holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing at someone else., you are the one who gets burned”.

The Dynamics of Anger:-
Our ancient seers of yore were psychological experts in understanding the dynamics & repercussions of anger they instead not just explained about dont’s of anger but also explained us by appealing  the rationality of human mind.
Let us understand the dynamics of anger.In Bhagavad Gita it is explained as ||..”Sanghat sanjayathe kaamaha  kamaath krodhobhijaaythe.
Krodhat bhavati sammohah sammoha
Smruti vibramah.Smruti bramshad buddhi-nasho buddhi nashaat pranashyati”||Bh-Gi-2/63.
Anger arises from non-fulfilment of desires.It is an intense feeling in response to feeling of hurt, disappointment or frustration,in general when the other person dont act or behave according to us or if situations or not according to us we get anger.After understanding the dynamics let us also get to know the impact of anger from medical perespective.

Medical perspective of Impact of Anger on Health :-
When a person is at anger following disturbances  occur in body
1)Adrenal glands flood the body with stress hormones adrenaline & cortisol brain shunts the blood away from the gut & flows towards muscles in preparation for physical exertion
2)Heart rate ,blood pressure & respiration increases with increase of body temperature.
3)Anger causes secretion of Neuro transmitter called ‘Catecholamine’ to flow through our body.
4)Anger as a fight response affects digestion,assimilation, cell production,circulation & immunological defence
5)Anger is also known to trigger heart attacks, strokes & even death.
Understanding the various dimensions of anger  “To be at Anger or to be At Peace is left to the choice of the individual.
To conclude finally last but not the least the central idea of our Santana Dharma is peace, all rituals end with “Shanti-Mantra” & not angry mantra.Let peace prevail in ourselves first then it shall prevail in the entire Universe.”OM SHANTI”

Dr.Vishwanath Dixit

Dr.Vishwanath Dixit
Vishwanath Dixit

Dr.Vishwanath graduated from Indian System of Medicine(Ayurveda) BAMS from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences , Bangalore in the year 2004 and Yoga instructor course from SVYASA.(Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Kendra) Completed PG Diploma in Values in Health Care from Annamalai university. Presently practicing as AyurvedicPhysician at Vibha Health Care located near Bangalore. He is interested in reading books and painting. He is freelance writer and promotes philosophy of Vedic -Chanting from Challakere brothers.

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