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Discovering one’s own potential.

Negative thoughts would control your day to day attitude more than you realize. Turn every problem into a benefit and this leads you to a truly extraordinary life.                      To become a completely positive, happy and healthy person I would like to give a few suggestions.                                        

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Beyond Success and Happiness

     Life is beyond success and happiness.  In the present society, there is a continuous endeavor to achieve success and happiness.  Plenty of success and happiness mantras are evolving.  The success and happiness for each person is different.  For the huge mass, success means having a good home, a descent job, a handsome salary, an understanding wife, healthy kids and a status in the society.       Some men go beyond this.  Their

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Does Anger confer strength or weakness to an individual??To the above question many of our reply may be yes!!.because since our childhood it has been taught to us or portrayed that an angry person is powerful, this belief system has been carried  & transmitted across generations,it has also been substantiated with a logic that it acts as a wonderful catalyst for getting work done & said little anger is necessary else things cannot happen. Is

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EGO is Expansive and Limitless!

We often use the word ‘’ego’’, ‘’egoistic’’ to tell about a person who is more self-centric.  Ego is more often less understood.  It is no doubt the concept or a construct  of the self.  Self of an individual does it mean the individual alone?  If we talk about EGO of an individual we are making a mistake of assuming EGO as fixed and static.  In reality EGO is dynamic and expansive in nature.  It is

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Finding happiness

     So much of anxiety and tension around us.  Millions and millions of people are living with depression totally stressed out with the problems of life.  Many are living with fatal diseases like cancer and Aids, fighting for life and trying to find ways and means to lead remaining lives happily.  There are also a huge mass of people striving to make both ends meet, not getting one square meal a day, having no

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