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September 2017

Be stress free

     I strongly believe that you can always be happy in spite of problems that you face in your daily lives.  I have been talking on many aspects of personal growth not realizing the daily grunt a person experiences… Continue Reading →

Learn from other’s experiences

     Yes it’s enlightening to read the words of the experienced.   It’s enlightening because the words come from the heart of an experienced man who has gone through the mill.  Why go through the same mill again when… Continue Reading →

Being tough

     A mind which is not stable enough to sustain the various internal and external forces is always cluttered.  It is necessary to be strong and possess a stability in all situations.  I believe in ‘sama chitta’ at all… Continue Reading →

Maintaining pace with life!!

Today, reminded me of my childhood days.  The day went very slowly and peacefully.  The beautiful weather and immobility of limbs due to fever has helped me a lot to relax. I said to myself, yes I have slowed down…. Continue Reading →

Developing a go-getter attitude

     We don’t know what’ll happen to the mankind in future as everything is changing.  A day may come when it’s difficult to distinguish between what’s natural and what’s artificial. As people are aiming to integrate physical, biological and… Continue Reading →


Great poet William Shakespeare  said “The world’s a stage & all the men & women are mere players they have their exits & their entrances & one man in his time plays many parts his acts being seven ages”…. If… Continue Reading →

How mind invites troubles?

When we feel exhausted with work and other stressful situations, it is quite common we look for some rest to the body and mind.  Though I have not been on any great turnout, my health was not upto the mark. … Continue Reading →

Expand your mind power

 Our minds are like whirl winds picking up all dust, turning round and round.  Most of the times our minds are confused and dwell in petty unwanted thoughts.  It needs direction. The list of things one could do to make… Continue Reading →

Ignite action in your team

Are you looking to empower your team? Ignite action in your team, you can bring out the best      Your job as a leader does not limit to passing instructions to your team.  You have much more to conquer.  You… Continue Reading →

Experience increases your learning curve

     Before you’re the person who gains experience, you’re a person with unrealistic imagination and visualization!     It’s heartbreaking for you, if you’re an interior designer designing a space sitting in a remote place and visualizing the space.  You… Continue Reading →

Great teachers who have inspired the world

     Happy teachers day!! my dear readers.        Today being the teachers day,let us remember some of the great teachers who have influenced the world     Aristotle, a great philosopher and scientist tutored Alaxander the great.  His philosophies… Continue Reading →

Thinking clearly and rationally

      All those great men with vision contributed to this progressive world.  They could do this because they were great critical thinkers.  Why can’t we strive to make this world a better place?  Why can’t we solve those… Continue Reading →

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