Strengthen your will power

Strengthen your will power

   What’s the use of making resolutions year on year when we get easily succumbed to the tantrums played by the temptress?  Why do we tend to break the promises that we make for ourselves?  Can our will power win over the temptress?  We make resolutions and follow it religiously for some days and fall back to old practices.  After few days again follow strictly for few days and give it up.  Why does it happen this way.  Our will powers are weak and it cannot hold for a long time.

70% of the Indian population is obese.  The trend of today is to reduce weight, to remove that extra paunch, to look slim and be fit, fine and healthy. There are plenty of weight reducing techniques available in the market.  Weight loss powders, medicines, the sauna belts, green coffee and green tea so on and so forth.  The list is endless.  Are they really effective?  I strongly feel that proper exercise and good diet are the only solutions for weight reduction.  To eat less and exercise adequately, you need something called will power. Diet and exercise should be persistently followed. Nothing can happen as as a miracle.  It needs continuous effort to stay tuned with the resolutions we make.  Here are a few techniques to strengthen will power.

When you decide to eat kurkure as much wanted, you eat a lot.  When you decide to eat none, you still eat more.  When you decide to eat later, then you may eat the least.  So it depends on what decision you make.  Imagination is also a powerful tool for strengthening will power.  When you imagine yourself on the beach listening to the music, your body responses.  You relax more.  When you imagine yourself to be slim and beautiful, you naturally eat less and exercise more.

Speak to yourself when temptation starts playing.  Each time you are tempted to put some more kurkure in your mouth, say yourself “Yuck, this tastes like plastic”.  See the magic-‘you’ll put the kurkure back in the bowl, that you had picked to eat’.  so give suggestions to your brain.

When you are under stress and tension you indulge in binge eating.  It is necessary to keep our mind calm and cool. Music, nature and meditation helps in maintaining peace in your mind.  Keep that stress and depression away at a distance by involving yourself into such activities.

To cut short, your will power can overpower the temptation when you adhere to the following few principles:

  • Form powerful habits
  • Set yourself free from mental blocks
  • Stay calm and cool
  • give autosuggestion to brain
  • imagine
  • practice consistency
  • make right decisions
     Strengthen your will power and achieve success in your endeavors.  Suzy Kassem says “If the fire in your heart is strong enough, it will burn away any obstacles that come your way”.

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