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October 2017

“I CAN DO EVERYTHING .. It’s jus that I get stressed”:SELFCARE is the BEST Care

I Can do Everything .. It’s Just I GET STRESSED ! So, you want to live a stress-free life? But how ? Can we remove it so easily ? Here’s the good news: you don’t have to start doing yoga… Continue Reading →

Shirdi- The mystical soil

Deepthi Musley FB Page Deepthi Musley- Blog A human being with a drained intrinsic worth is as useless as the gadget with a drained battery inside it. Travel is related to new beginnings, new learning, a transformation, and memories that… Continue Reading →

often I hear them ! they live on the street.

“Dew on trodden grass” I can’t be dark nor shade blackness In their hungry, empty hollow eyes, Neither can I tear the veil That adorned their desires for life. Pretending to be anything; I hate most. Yet, a thin curve… Continue Reading →

An ODE to DURGA! – Part 1.

JMD From The Desk Of Gehna Mehra: ====================================================================== I dedicate my opening blog to the Power of Durga- She is Divine She is Sublime She is Here She is There She is Everywhere…. She is You She is ME She… Continue Reading →

Self reflection-a key ingredient for success

Self reflection is a key ingredient for success, the other ingredients being purpose, passion, self determination and confidence.   Self reflection means productive thinking and to ponder over.  “A man must find time for himself.  Time is what we spend our… Continue Reading →


Last Six Months of Life! The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago and second best time is now! -Chinese Proverb Most of our life goes in looking back at our life and things we should have… Continue Reading →


FEELINGS – a ballad

FEELINGS – a ballad   His blood boiled at an unusual pace, His brows upturned on his face, He clenched his fists till his knuckles turned white, He wanted to cry, but knew it wasn’t right.   He shunned mankind… Continue Reading →

let’s hear her story!

‘Deflowered!’ She was happy to hold her hand An Amah’s hand, Since her fretful days were, Towards their pyre, For an end, End of pains. With her little mind still in bud, Was thoughtful, At the moment of leaving her… Continue Reading →

Shivaay- The Immortal One

He is Shivaay, eternal force of existence….. He has the divinity of both the world’s emotion, One bursting with poison, another one with potion.Eminent one from the holy trinity, He is the destroyer himself but genesis of creator’s affinity.… Illuminating… Continue Reading →


In our life, we have to make numerous decisions. Some decisions are for shorter period or for smaller thing e.g. what to wear today, what we will have for lunch or dinner and so on. As these kinds of decisions… Continue Reading →

A Sister from another Mother….

                Friend Zone I must confess that the term ‘sister in law ‘ never fascinated me. All through my life I have been a people’s person, making friends as I traversed from one… Continue Reading →

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