3 ways to deal with procrastination- for success and happiness

3 ways to deal with procrastination- for success and happiness

3 ways to deal with procrastination- for success and happiness

To achieve success we have to smash the foe called procrastination.

Everybody dreams of achieving success but without working hard, will success come and fall on our lap?  We have to work for it.  Do all that’s necessary to achieve our dreams.  Though we know this, we have a bad habit of putting off until a day that we are not sure. This is called procrastination. Procrastination can be described as  a deadly disease that takes its toll of happiness and success. It’s a very common problem that kills the true value of time, making valuable moments useless.  Procrastination is also coupled with idleness and laziness.  Therefore, it’s essential to stop this and stay focused to move towards the goal.

Most of us tend to do things only when a pressure is built and this happens to be the last minute of the deadline.  I would say in a way, it’s better to procrastinate for those who think ‘out of the box’.  Because they get sufficient time to converge their energies and think better.  The deadlines builds up pressure and compels them to finish the job in the last minute.  But for the other people, procrastination builds up tension and stress that only make the situation worst.  They will not be able to complete the job with a fine finish.  The job is either unfinished or sloppy.

“We use our gadgets for distraction and entertainment.  We use them to avoid work while giving the impression that we’re actually working hard”.

The best solution to deal with procrastination is not to get distracted and move out of the big picture that you have for life.  There are many that distracts you.  It may be new apps, movies, shopping, or engaging in social media that kills a lot of valuable time.

“When you find yourself on the internet when you’re supposed to be writing, you’ve already lost.  It’s even beyond procrastination when you end upon the internet”-Noah Baumbach

When you have strong urge to be online or do anything other than something related to your big picture, delay the gratification.  Delaying gratification make things sweet.  Finish the most important job at hand and then you can engage yourself online.

Do the hard jobs first.  The easy jobs will take care of themselves”.-Dale Carnegie

Most of us focus on having a day that is planned and structured.  We take long hours to make the plans.  We have a big to do list, what happens?  are we able to stick to the plan and to the to do list? I don’t think that happens. Only 80% of the tasks are accomplished and this 80% includes all trivial jobs.  The most difficult and important task that add value to our success is procrastinated.  To avoid this, do the most hard and important task first.  The rest will take care of themselves.


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