I had a great feeling that I can change the world without realizing that I can’t change others without changing myself first.  Being an administrative officer of NCC battalion, I wanted a harmonious relation to exist between all the staff members, so that work could carry on effectively without any hassles.  I found the clerical staff (state Government) to be at logger heads with the Army staff (central Government).  Each of the groups would blame the other for work not being done.  Both the groups would palm off their responsibility by putting the job on the other.  Thus no co-ordination existed between these two groups.  My efforts to unite these two groups and bring in co-ordination was futile.  To make things happen I used to shout at the staff in the open.  This only increased tensions with an end result of no work done.  I couldn’t even get a simple job done like getting quotations.  I used to get pissed off.  Finally I gave a little thought as to how to handle such situation.  I had observed my Commanding Officer being diplomatic with them.  I never wanted to be diplomatic.  I always wanted to be open and a straight shooter.  Now I came to understand my fault.  I changed myself.  I spoke softly and firmly to the staff in private.  I gave counselling to the individuals who gave back answers.  From being a straight shooter, I learned to be diplomatic.  This gave results.  Now I can handle them efficiently and my orders are effective.

Hard truth- You can never change others without changing yourself.