Smt. Chitra Ramakrishna who became MD and CEO of  National stock exchange in April 2013 lead with  convictions and principles till she resigned on 02 December 2016.  She has helped build NSE from scratch.

Her lifetime triumphs and failures give us a candid picture of her.

  • She believed our women are strong with social ethos and resilience
  • Her gender neutralise attitude lead to hiring of workers only on merit.
  • NSE had one third of women in its work force.
  • She was always punctual and gracious with time.
  • Her resignation was a jolt to many board members.  Her reasons of resignation was clear though she cited personal reasons.
  • Her differences with the SEBI board members piled pressure, so she had to quit
  • She said “for me all competition is good and all competition inspires me.”