FEELINGS – a ballad


His blood boiled at an unusual pace,

His brows upturned on his face,

He clenched his fists till his knuckles turned white,

He wanted to cry, but knew it wasn’t right.


He shunned mankind and withdrew to his shell,

He wanted revenge, but nothing rung a bell.

He wanted them to feel the things he felt,

To cackle loudly, when in front of him they knelt.


He paced the floor and scratched his head,

Someone approached him and he saw red.

He whirled so fast he felt a whiplash,

The sight made his vengeance jump to trash.


For in front of his eyes, were all his friends;

The same ones who had given his heart so many dents.

Apologetic faces, with apologetic smiles:

All saying sorry in different styles.


His lips twitched first and then came a full-blown smile,

They jumped together their bodies fallen piles;

That was when he wondered why he’d felt such rage,

Now he felt magical he didn’t need a mage.


Many times in life, we think our feeling’s definite,

When really emotions are fleeting, just like a kite.

They jump from here to there, all extremes,

The feelings we felt before, seem like last night’s dreams.