Into the Dream – An excerpt from The Wanderer

She saw him in her dreams

A burnt, withered, wretched beast

Being played by fate’s cruel hands

Forsaken by all, tossed onto scorching sands

She reached out to him

Soft hands to calluses grim

He shirked away

For she promised a silver ray

A silver ray amidst blood and gore

But could he ignore

His hearts undeniable need

For love and peace? Was it greed?

Would he take a chance to let her know of his heart?

Or be consumed by the eternal fires when

she departs?

She saw him in her dreams

A proper picture tearing at the seams

He threw her letters into the  blazing fire

As she pulled at the strings of his heart’s lyre

She now had to make a choice

“What will you choose?” whispered a voice

“Stay with the beast in want of a tirade

drink from the fruits of a shimmering nightshade

or go back to the life just beyond the lake

With a home full of people living just for your sake?”

She saw him in her dreams

And wished he could just be

A  fading, perishing, sinking dream

But there was flesh around his soul

and his heart beat although it looked like coal

And she knew that she had fallen too deep into the dream

                                                                                                                                                  GINA LEXIS

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