We all are well versed with the age old saying “Health is Wealth.”  But the pace at which we live each day, we have numerous reasons to not invest in health. When I say “Investing in health”, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we got to  spend money to buy ourselves the best foods. Rather , it means how much time do we really spend on taking care of our body and nourishing it.

Our body is a sacred space designed in a way so that it functions throughout the day. World today is witnessing more no of deaths due to health issues than anything else in the world. We might blame the environment, the adulterated food, the government for GST on food items. But we can’t deny the fact that the core part of human machinery is not only eating the right kind of food but also determining the nutritional value of it.

The food that we consume everyday may fulfill our basic need of staying alive but is it really making us fit? How many times do we question what we eat? I think not even once. We as human beings will be swayed by our thirst first than realizing if the food is doing any good. Hence the result of being obese, inactive, lazy, lousy and what not. The impact is even bigger. It’s so small in the beginning that we don’t realize what we will become in the future.

To make things simpler, I would just like to put forth a point on how we invest in health everyday. Are we really asking ourselves the right questions? We all know to exercise, to do power yoga, to eat nutritious, to stay healthy. What is it that we get stopped in beating the reasons of waking up early, going for exercise, not sleeping on time, getting addicted to social media or not eating proper. Its high time that we as a community build a value system of a healthy living and a disease free life so that we can spend time on what we are really born for.