“Dew on trodden grass”

I can’t be dark nor shade blackness
In their hungry, empty hollow eyes,
Neither can I tear the veil
That adorned their desires for life.

Pretending to be anything; I hate most.
Yet, a thin curve of my lips; the warmth
The bonfire in their wintry night,
That shines in their rainy, gloomy eyes.

They always wait in the corner of the road,
No doubt, for me only,
I, with a new day, exerting all strength,
Pass my smile to cuddle  their emotions!

My pence, some day little fruits !
I try not to look at them on the empty day,
yet smiley petals of lotus out of filthy skin,,
Shine like the morning dew on trodden grass.

Divine to know their needs,
Not money but my smile; My love!
A treasures land to live the pain
they got since the outset of life.